October 15th, 2002


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я со всеми поссорюсь рано или поздно,
только ты не уходи из моих френдов, ладно?

пшла по работе читать про шотландию...

наткнулась на этот alternative voice of scotland

сижу и ржу %)

Why do the Scots hate the English?

We could give you all that historical guff about being invaded and interfered with for centuries before finally being swallowed whole against the democratic wishes of the Scottish people, but the real truth in a civilised 21st century Scotland is that we don't hate the English at all.

We just pretend to, because we know it annoys them so much.

гыы :))

Are all Scots men called "Jimmy" ?
No. Some Scots men are also called Ken.

In these instances, sentences like "ah'm doolally Jimmy, ken", can be confusing.

The above sentence means "My friend, I am vertically challenged due to over indulgence in alcohol. Have you experienced this before ?"