January 15th, 2004


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Чото башню снесло на почве песенки Beautiful
Исключительно красивое видео лежит здесь
По ходу, судьба мне стать фанаткой Снуп Дога :)))
Тем более, что ведь он Collapse )


Baby I really wanna see what you got now
I'm all grown up with my shit together
I don't know if I'mma see you ever
I got a woman and shit, but I must admit this
You at the top of my list
Fuck with them nigga do
I still miss, there aint no getting rid of you
But in the mean time I'mma get with cha
Until I get somebody with your hook up I'mma hit ya

I miss that bitch
She was a pot of gold
Her body was cold
I don't know where you went
Where did you go (I miss that bitch)
Shopping around looking around
I'm try to see
Where could you be
How could you do this to me (I miss that bitch)